Artist and pedagog interested in everything connected to play, nature and art.

My interest focuses how play and curiosity can act as the engine of artistic work. I am fascinated by the work process and how we together can create meaning and the fact that an creative dialogue can generate something slightly larger than the two separate parts together.

Through art I believe a dialogue between people can develop new ways to se the world, if we meet on the same terms. It interest me because It requires modesty, but at the same time strength and conciousness.

Using a low entry, that makes everyone able to participate on their own terms can create a climate of curiosity and dialogue. The possible dialogue in a participatory act when making art together or when meeting an audience whilst making can open up for more people to understand the possibilites and interest for art, artistic work as I see it.

The material and the technique is usually subordinate to the process of what I do even if I often come back to drawing, graphics and constructions. During my years as a teacher at the teacher training program in visual art at HDK I worked extensively with participation and dialogue in creative processes through artistic workshops.

I have had the opportunity to do both performances and workshops on the theme also f.ex. at Gakugei University, Tokyo, InSEA World Conference in Melbourne, Plan D in Dusseldorf, at the museum and educator in Gothenburg in Varberg Municipality in social services and schools.

I see great potential in artistic research and performativity for educational development in which art can generate knowledge on many different levels, in different areas, but above all to contribute to a greater understanding of the individuals role and responsibility for the world we live in. It is also clear to me that for the understanding and learning to become a reality needs content orchestrated and reflected, there is not according to me automatically just because you create art.

To think that anyone could change the world we live in for the better is maybe a utopian idea. At the same time we need to find new ways of working to integrate intercultural and critical perspectives. Nobody wants to be emphasized that making mistakes or having to comply with the rules they do not understand the meaning of. A balance that needs to be aware of and work our way to minimize.

My interest in art, human behavior and how we learn made me become a teacher in visual art and sloyd. After my education I got an offer to work with teachers training in visual art at Academy of Design and Craft, HDK in Gothenburg and I´ve been there since then. For the moment as director of Studies part time and as an artist the other half.

My background and education is based on norm critical, relational and exploratory perspectives and focused through intercultural perspectives, contemporary art, Reggio Emilia educational philosophy, transformative learning, critical perspectivesand performativity. Since a time back I´ve focused more and more upon the Antropocene.

I am always looking for ways to further my art, pedagogy with curiosity. My hope is to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of art through my own work. The ambition is to find ways to work artistic to push the boundaries forward about the arts possibilites to create a little bit better world for people to grow within.


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Masu-projects.se Colloborative work with Mattias Gunnarsson



Längtans Manifest*


1.Reflektera mindre, bara gör

2.Skärma av från oviktigheter, gör av måsten först

3.Sök möjligheter överallt


5.Gör bara för dig själv men låt andra ta del

6.Omge dig av saker som ger positiv energi

7.Tänk att, inte om

8.Dubblera, kopiera, chansa, rotera, distansera, fokusera

9.Följ känslan, be andra om åsikter men bestäm själv

10.Prova, och prova igen

11.Avsätt tid

12.Tvinga, lossa, öka, dra, minska

13.Stå upp för dig själv

14.Inspireras av andra och annat, se dig omkring

15.Glöm förnuftigt och allt man borde

16.Motivera och kommunicera din vilja

17.Omge dig med likasinnade, hitta sammanhang och sekvenser

18.Tillåt dig att möta och mötas

19.Undersök djupare, bredare och längre

20.Hitta nya ställen

21.Gör egna verktyg

22.Använd tiden

23.Spara och samla idéer

24.Låt tankarna få tid

25.Tvinga, truga och tillåt

26.Ångra inget, använd misstagen

27.Lek, fantisera

28.Börja varsomhelst

29.Spara och samla

30.Förringa inget


32.Snäva in, koncentrera

33.Tillåt dig att sväva ut

34.Fortsätt längre

35.Utsätt dig

36.Hitta och lägg upp strategier, bryt dem

37.Gör om, gör mer, gör nytt

38.Ta chansen när den dyker upp

39.Var ärlig mot dig själv/andra

40.Var dig själv, lita på att det räcker


En lekfull längtan av Susanne Westerberg